Since I left my little hometown of Merced, California and started college in SoCal about a month and a half ago, I’ve really…well, grown, I guess. I’ve observed a lot of people and a lot of things and I feel like my whole perspective on things I thought I was so set in, have changed.

Religion, for example.

Being here and away from my home church really showed me a lot, from thinking back to people back home to looking at how religious people act here. And I know I’ve talked about it, and it’s been mentioned in church a million times, but it really just hit me.

Christians are SUCH hypocrites.

It’s disgusting.

Just today, I was walking out of my Human Communications lecture and I saw a man picketing. The sign/banner he held read “GO TO HELL!”, followed by a long, detailed list of all of those people he was talking to: “girlie men”, “trash-talking women”, “faggots”, “sodomizers”, “baby-killers”, “democrats”, “mormons”, another 25 or so words, and then, “OR REPENT!” How on earth is that even okay? One of my classmates was with the man, joining him in yelling at passerby and trying to rile everyone up. It disgusted me. It still does. I yelled at them that Jesus taught forgiveness, that God is the only one who can judge. That if anyone was going to hell, it was them. Which may create some turmoil between me and that classmate in the near future, since he’s in the music department with me and we have a few mutual friends. 

On another hand.

How can you say you are a Christian, a follow of Jesus Christ, who loves all people and forgives and is all powerful. How can you say you are living for his glory and you are trying to set an example of how other Christians should be. If you judge those who aren’t on the same level as you? If you look down on people who aren’t as attractive as you, or as popular as you? If you’re so stuck up, you actually intimidate people who are trying to achieve the same Godly relationship? I look at these girls from my hometown and I am nauseated at the fact that I tried so hard to mesh with their group, their CHURCH YOUTH GROUP, and they STILL looked at me with such judgement because I wasn’t as strong in my faith as they were. Because I don’t share their political ideals. Because at school, I was in band and I laughed at eccentric things and I’m chubby, and they…were not. How are you a Christian if you are only conditionally trying to live through Him?

You’re not.

And that is absolutely depressing.

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    A-FREAKING-MEN I am a Christian and it disgusts me to see people who think they have the devine right to condemn others...
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    THIS. Oh my gosh. I saw these people today and it really just irritated me. God teaches to love one another. Love your...
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    absoutely ridiculous… you cannot pick out pieces of a religion that are convenient for you. if there were less people...
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    I watched this guy for an hour. Now, I’m am not religious, but I was offended. What he was saying was sick, cruel,...
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    A-fucking-men. I saw this guy today, and I just stared at him open-mouthed. I was so angry that I had to physically stop...
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